Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh for a four hours student council, oh...

And so, to another year of church. I've received a promotion: since my baptism last December, I've now become Property Steward. Which means I get to sit on the all important Resources Committee!

Now, I thought the Students' Union was bad. However, a simple trip to the Resources Committe, which met last night, would have even the strongest person begging for 2 hours of Transgendered Debate, or an hours worth of Officer impeachment policy.

Yes, it really was that bad. We spent around 45 minutes discussing the really important issue of whether or not to charge £22 or £23 per morning/afternoon/evening for the facilities. Forty-five minutes, I said, to change 6 amounts by a grand total of £12! I suspect that we could have saved money by not discussing the agenda item at all.

Apprently the photocopier doesn't work in humid conditions, which is odd, because everything else does.

And the very best part of the evening was the response that was received when t he Minister suggested taking chairs out of the church which might just possibly mean some people have to change seats that they've sat in for almost 400 years!

In other news, I have decided I will never, ever, go on a training course run by The City of York Council again. Even is the alternative is being beaten would the head with a brick for 19 years with only toilet and food breaks.

By the way, since I blogged last I have:

  • Got married
  • Got a flat
  • Been to Greenbelt, twice
  • Almost learnt to drive
  • Bought a AGP graphics accelerator for my PC
  • Bought 2 cars and sold one
  • Resigned morally from the labour party
  • Joined the labour party
  • Got a promotion
  • Dressed s a carrot