Friday, October 06, 2006

I want to be a super hero!

AS many will know, I have been working 2 jobs recently. Well, working one and covering the other, officially. Due to being a wasteful Council with lazy workers (references: every page of the Daily Mail, every day), we had a freeze on recruiting and thus I take to take over other duties.

This means I've been working from 7.15 to 5.00pm on some nights. I don't really care, but even with this extra work, it seems like I'm working hard and achieving little. What do I do? Well, for an hour before school, I make sure the toilets, classrooms, offices etc are clean and as they should be. Then I get back to the office and write up a report on the cleanliness of the school. And then I do some contract managing... Last week it was a wasp attack at one of the PFI schools, the week before it was school meals (again).

All very well, but this is hardly the life I envisaged when I left University. Then, I wanted to do something useful, interesting, exciting,wonderful, and impressive. Heroic, even. It didn't even matter what it solid be - perhaps one week I'd be wanting a career in mountain rescue, the next leading a communist revolution across Europe, followed by being an MI5 agent, saving the world from terrorists, aliens, small pox or AWOL A.I. And yet, here I am, stuck writing press releases about E numbers and potato rumblers.

It's not just me, either. Many of my friends face the same situation. We signed up to University, our middle-class ambition and mission-to-the-world pushing us. We graduated and... well. We graduated and got jobs. Is that really where we wanted to be?

History, to me, is always glamorous. It's full of adventures on the high seas, knights fighting dragons, war heroes, revolutions, movers and shakers. Life looked so much better 8 years ago. But then, history is made up of heroes and villains. No one wrote a Viking Saga about a wheat farmer, but about the buyer of the bread, Beowulf, mighty Grendel slayer! Don Quixote, Knights errant, had manic adventures, but no one wrote about his stable boy. David killed Goliath with a sling shot, but the thousands of men in the armies hardly get a mention.

Where does this leave me? Supporting someone else's story, helping someone else to make history. Being the stable boy, the press release man, the anonymous spokesperson. The people that history couldn't be made without.

And that is, at least to me, incredibly dull.


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