Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hot desking, wedding stuff

I've had to hot desk away from my friends today :(. Some boring person is shouting something very boring at another very boring person. Accountants...

Anyway, today I flexied off to look for a house! We went round one, it was poor and small, but at the price not too bad (I didn't think). But we decided no after a little discussion. We're going to look at 4 on Monday morning together too, and these ones look much nicer (but more expensive).

We also need to buy rings. We looked and I had a 2 tone one shoved on my finger and I was told it suited me - S couldn't find out which matched her engagement ring or fitted. Apparently everything has to match. I think we'll go again on Saturday.

Just time to say - never have Christmas before football training. Last night was tough. I think I have some breathing problem or something like asthma because I was out of breath in a few minutes. I decided not to go to the 6 a side tournament on Saturday because of this :(. Next match: 2 and a half weeks.



Blogger Sarah said...

Steph's engagement ring is pretty (did you choose it? well chosen!), and given that shes gonna wear it with her wedding ring for (hopefully)* the rest of her life, it does need to match yes. you say it like its a stupid girl thing.

*i say hopefully, she might lose it of take it off for swimming or something, i don't know. or her hands might get hideously big (i have not known this to happen too much)

11:39 AM  

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