Monday, January 24, 2005

Terrible defensive mistakes sink Blades 4-5 to league-bottom team Wakefield

I played football on Saturday.As you can probably tell form the title we lost :(. Here is the match report:

2 shocking defensive blunders including the keeper completely mis-kicking the ball and an own goal from Monk left Blades 2-0 inside 2 minutes. Winger Al played some inspirational football to clear the OG after drilling the ball into top left after 13 minutes, before James Chapman failed to connect an easy clearance and Blades were looking at 3-1 down at the 20-minute mark.

Blades came back quickly though after the team regrouped with some good midfield and defensive play. Geoff hammered the ball to net on 25, and season's top scorer James White put another 2 away before half time. Blades began to dominate the game, with Wakefield's centre collapsing neat balls and runs were played and 5 more shots threatened to put the game beyond the Baptist's reach with a half to play. Half time came and every WB player looked relieved.

Once restated, Blades fell apart after a forced substitution due to injury saw the mid field relax too much. A chronic error by the new Blade's keeper saw the score level to 4 a side despite desperate efforts by defenders with 70 minutes gone. With just 4 minutes left Wakey's strikers forced another error from the Left Wingback, compounded by the goalie being routed to his line Blade's dropped to 5-4 after Monk was almost booked for a high tackle on a Wakefield striker and two hard tackles on their left winger.

With just seconds on the clock the Blades forced a corner and with every man inside the box the big kick cleared the box for Monk to strike straight at a defender - out for a throw as the whistle blew. Final Score: Jorvik Blades 4 Wakefield Baptist Church 5.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

All you can eat! and other troubling thoughts.

I went to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet last night. Very nice. But as I sat munching through my 2nd plate of prawns and ducks and other lovely things, a thought hit me. How much food am I stealing form others by eating this meal?

This set me off thinking. Everyone on the planet has certain resources. I have them abundantly. If everyone lived like me, eating all you can eat, we'd run out. So I must be stealing from others.

But I wasn't intentionally stealing: I just hadn't thought about it before. Is it still morally wrong to do so? I assumed so. So I thought about what else I do on the planet. I consume lots of resources everyday. Probably too much in some case. I had always imagined that campaigning for social justice would end up with everyone living like we do - but of course that is impossible as the planet couldn't sustain that.

So, campaigning for social justice must be able giving up things so that others can have basics. So what should I give up? Trips to the cinema so that electricity can be produced in Sudan for education? Showering every morn so that Zimbabwean farmers can have more to water their crops? That 5th pair of shoes so that Chinese tea workers can have one?

Where does it stop?

And more importantly, am I prepared to give it up? Morally I feel obliged to say yes - but I know I won't. Is this what being 'lukewarm' for Jesus means? If it is, then a lot of people are in a lot of trouble. And I'm included.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Greens make me red

The education office has been for the last 2 days locked in a battle with local green party. In order to build a new building, certain already deseased trees have got to me moved (they must be replaced according to planning law). After 3 years and 3 seperate independant tests, the greens are still kicking up a fuss. Idiots.

They have no sense of perspective, no understanding of the longer term aims of the school, no idea that the education office doesn't want to be sued for negligence should a deseased tree fall and hurt someone.

I used to think the green party was progressive: in fact it's clear from local actions they are the most conservitive, anti-change group of people in politics right now. I can't believe I supported them with a vote for the European Elections. I will never again.

Trying to work for a better environment is fine; but heated council chamber meetings when good officers are yelled at, knived against and lied too is too far to save 2 dying trees.

Grow up, greens. You make people go red.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another round of insane sneezing

Not many would think York on a misty winter morning would be an active place for photonsneezitus, but this morning around 15 sneezes were recorded as I stepped outside my door into brighter lights.

Photonsneezitus is the new name for my condition. As no one seems to know about it, I've taken it upon myself to create it as a medical condition.

A medical condition brought on by a failure of certain nasal photon sensing genes resulting in over active nasal photon sensors.

Symptoms: repeatitive and unstoppable involuentry sneezing when sufferer enters bright lights. Sneezing will be worse if a longer period of sufferer being in a dark environment preceeds.

Cure: Snogging: repeatitively, frequently, every day. Cure may only reduce, not erradicate, symptoms.

I hope Steph sees this.

(I do hope you all note the new HTML tags in this post! Advanced stuff I'm sure.)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hot desking, wedding stuff

I've had to hot desk away from my friends today :(. Some boring person is shouting something very boring at another very boring person. Accountants...

Anyway, today I flexied off to look for a house! We went round one, it was poor and small, but at the price not too bad (I didn't think). But we decided no after a little discussion. We're going to look at 4 on Monday morning together too, and these ones look much nicer (but more expensive).

We also need to buy rings. We looked and I had a 2 tone one shoved on my finger and I was told it suited me - S couldn't find out which matched her engagement ring or fitted. Apparently everything has to match. I think we'll go again on Saturday.

Just time to say - never have Christmas before football training. Last night was tough. I think I have some breathing problem or something like asthma because I was out of breath in a few minutes. I decided not to go to the 6 a side tournament on Saturday because of this :(. Next match: 2 and a half weeks.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I don't call random people

But random people call me.

The dog story eventually was figured out: the dog had changed colour because a different type of tree was giving a different type of leaves for dog to roll around in.

Today I wrote a guide to explain to dippy secretaries what email is, I printed off some grainy images.

But the real point of this conversation is to publically dig at Sarah's comment.

Darling, HTML is a form of mark up, so your comment really doesn't make sense. I don't read user guides so it was trial and improvement. As an internet user you really should try to be more aware what various letters mean. HTML = Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Darling.

Anyway, I'm going ot make some size 165 boots and a bean stalk, and go ring shopping tomorrow. Until next time...