Monday, March 14, 2005

A lesson in leading

I'd like to start by apologising to James. Sorry for not replying to the email. I only logged into fluffy yesterday for the first time in months.

On with the story...

I went to support the under 13's from Heworth Methodist Church in the quaterly Methodist York championships yesterday, and ended up being team manager. The 9 people, 2 girls on the team, are the most adorable bunch of young 'uns, and did us proud, coming 4th out of 9 teams.

However this taught me a lesson. Being in charge is hard.

The main problem was not that the other teams were good, but that I had 9 people to fill 5 positions (or 8 to fill 5 if you eclude the goalie). 3 little one 10 years olds, though strong and enthusiastic, just couldn't keep up with the big 13 year olds on opposite teams. So I had to mix and match.

So, I had to keep these 3 involved, whilst playing a stronger team of 4 biggers ones. 'Can I be striker' was the question they kept asking me: whilst I wanted them to be strikers, I needed defenders too!

But, with roll on subs I tried to keep everyone involved, and after 2 games I realised I'd forgotten to play someone (whoops), and then the 3 little ones got cold and a bit unconfident at 3 out of 4 loses. Time for a switch around! I put my 2 best in defense, and put 2 little ones up front, and bingo! A win for HMC!

When we played Holy Trinity B (a side entirely consisting of 9 and 10 year old girls and boys, I put all the little ones on with my 'Robert Pires' - a boy called Jack who, at 13, is built better than me. Anyway, a crushing win of 3-0 gave the littles confidence and in the next game, little Ant (9) took the ball past 2 13 year olds and made the keeper really dive to save a wicked shot.

All in all, a good day. But I've learnt much: even in a little game of football, being in charge, keeping everyone going and trying to win takes patience and cool headedness!

Not a great bit on insight, but I thought I'd share.

Picked up keys for flat today! Very nicely decorated. Small, but perfect for 2.