Friday, December 31, 2004

Time for a quick update

The biggest mental block in returning to blogging is clearly starting the first post. So here it is.

I'm sitting on New Year's Eve in the LEA office 'working' - there are about 5 people in the entire building. I will flexi off early.

If you've not picked it up, that means that I found a job, after a successful move, and am now settling into York ready to get marrie dnext April. All good fun.

Some of you may have read the story of the dog, but here it is.

[i]A young man is sitting in the LEA Office doing Important Stuff for the DfES![/i]

[i]Phone[/i]Bring bring... ... ... bring bring.[/i]

"Hello, Education Planning"

"Hello, is that the LEA planning team?"

"Yes, how can I help?"

"Well, I've been given your number to complain too. You've just built part of a school. It's made my dog change colour"

Just another day in the LEA.

Anyway, L and M are coming tonight, everyone is welcome to come too - drop a message for Fluffy on 24-7 and I'll tell you where to come. Miram in Grimsby really wants some fun too. And Rachie in Iron wants a hug.

James: where are you? I've emailed you! Master J!